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Our Current Workshops

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Emotional Equity: Empowering All Students to Honor and Learn From Their Feelings

Create an environment where all students notice, name, honor, and learn from their own emotions. Discover ways to support and care for students who experience emotional challenges.

Audience: ADVISORS, teachers, deans, counselors, psychologists, learning specialists, and student life program administrators

Embodying Our Anti-Racist Values at School

Learn tools and strategies to help you develop your anti-racist values and accept the inevitable discomfort that comes along with living an anti-racist life. This workshop is designed to meet the needs of white educators who want to work against racism, although all are welcome.

Audience: ALL educators including teachers, staff members, and administrators

Values-Based Responding to Bias Incidents

Learn tools and strategies that help educators respond to bias incidents in ways that honor emotions (including their own), center community care, and promote values-based accountability.

Audience: teachers and leaders with DISCIPLINARY RESPONSIBILITIES, such as principals, assistant principals, deans, DEI directors, and counselors

Systemic Differentiation: Three Ways to Design Units that Foster Equity and Empowerment

Discover three different approaches to designing meaningful units of study that provide multiple ways for diverse groups of students to achieve the learning goal.

Audience: CLASSROOM TEACHERS in all subjects and grade levels, department chairs, and academic administrators

Designing Curriculum with a DEI Lens

Create more inclusive, affirming, and equitable units of study for any course.

Audience: CLASSROOM TEACHERS in all subjects, department chairs, curriculum coordinators, and academic administrators

Building a Pedagogy of Belonging

Foster a learning community where all students are seen, heard, affirmed, and supported. Learn to structure students’ engagement with the content and with one another in ways that create a sense of belonging.

Audience: CLASSROOM TEACHERS in all subjects and grade levels, as well as school leaders

Visual SEL: Image-Making Activities that Help Students Clarify and Commit to Their Values

Learn image-making strategies that empower students to clarify and commit to the values they want to bring to their learning, work, and relationships—in and beyond school.

Audience: ADVISORS, teachers, deans, counselors, psychologists, and administrators in middle school, high school, and higher ed

Designing Peer-to-Peer Professional Learning

Create inclusive, participatory, cohesive professional development that leverages in-house expertise, affirms teachers’ values, and builds an authentic teaching community.

Audience: SCHOOL LEADERS such as principals, AP's, deans, department chairs, and diversity coordinators

Teaching As Selfing: Empowering Our Students by Becoming Who We Are

Bring your full and authentic self to your teaching practice, and self-actualize through the process of teaching. This workshop includes explorations of identity, values, and personal histories.

Audience: ALL educators including teachers, staff members, and administrators