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Workshops That EMPOWER

Make school a source of meaning, vitality, and community in students’ and educators’ lives. In these workshops, discover practical tools and protocols that transform the experience of school.

We offer various workshops on four interrelated yet distinct topics. All workshops are participatory and interactive, and all can be in person or virtual. Click below to learn more.

Instructional Design That Promotes Authentic Engagement

Design academic learning experiences so students connect with the content, their work, and each other.

Active Learning

Professional Learning That Elevates Teachers and Teaching

Curate peer-to-peer professional learning that taps into in-house expertise and builds community.


Social-Emotional Learning That Empowers Students to Build Fulfilling Lives

Help students clarify and commit to their own values so they can live meaningful lives, in and beyond school.


Anti-Bias Action That Affirms Personal and Community Values

Act for equity and belonging, care for yourself and your community, and hold yourself and others accountable.

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