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Lauren Porosoff

Lauren Porosoff presents and writes about how students and teachers can bring their values to their learning, work, and relationships. An educator with 18 years of classroom experience in independent schools, Lauren has developed applications of contextual behavioral science to various education practices, including instructional design, social-emotional learning, and professional development. She is the lead author of EMPOWER Your Students: Tools to Inspire a Meaningful School Experience (Solution Tree, 2017), Two-for-One Teaching: Connecting Instruction to Student Values (Solution Tree, 2019), Values & Questions (Hawker Brownlow Education, 2020), Teach Meaningful: Tools to Design the Curriculum at Your Core (Rowman & Littlefield, 2020), and the upcoming The PD Curator: How to Design Peer-to-Peer Professional Learning That Elevates Teachers and Teaching (ASCD, 2021). Follow her on Twitter at @LaurenPorosoff. 

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Jonathan Weinstein

Jonathan Weinstein, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and suicide prevention coordinator with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, and an assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at New York Medical College. Prior to working with veterans, he was an early contributor to the Mississippi Center for Contextual Psychology at the University of Mississippi. He participated in the development of relational frame theory and acceptance and commitment therapy during his graduate training. He has presented at multiple international and regional conferences on topics relating to contextual behavioral approaches to suicide prevention and acceptance and commitment therapy in groups. Follow him on Twitter at @JHWeinstein.

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Our Story

Lauren and Jonathan grew up in neighboring towns but didn’t meet until 1992, through a mutual friend. After many years apart, they reconnected on social media and were married in 2010. As Lauren described her ongoing mission as a teacher—to make school meaningful for students—Jonathan quickly realized that she would benefit from learning about contextual behavioral science (CBS), which is all about helping people find meaning and purpose in life by connecting their actions to their values, and accepting the pain and struggle that always comes along with living a meaningful life.

Although Lauren resisted at first, she and Jonathan eventually started to discuss the interconnections between her work as a progressive educator and his as a CBS-trained clinical psychologist. Together, they developed a variety of CBS applications for education, in areas ranging from instructional design to social-emotional learning to professional development. Lauren and Jonathan live in New York with their two spectacular children, Lauren’s extremely generous parents, and a cat named Benedict. When they’re not nerding out about relational frame theory or arguing about whose turn it is to make the kids’ lunch, Lauren and Jonathan enjoy hiking, cooking, high-concept fantasy shows, and cake.