Empowering Student Leadership

Help Peers Engage More Deeply in the Work of the Group

For STUDENT LEADERS such as a team captain, peer facilitator, government representative, publication editor, or club leader; along with their ADULT SUPPORTERS such as a teacher, advisor, coach, dean, or counselor

Whether the “work” of a student group involves athletic or academic competitions, musical or dramatic performances, artistic or service projects, affinity spaces, or even just fun, challenges can arise whenever a group comes together.

This is a workshop for student leaders and their adult supporters looking to help their peers engage more deeply with the difficult, frustrating, tedious, painful, or embarrassing parts of the work they do. The parts that involve challenging group dynamics. The parts that involve trying, failing, and getting back up. The parts that involve coping with negative judgments of themselves and others.

Student leaders (team captains, student government representatives, club leaders, newspaper editors, or anyone else who is a leader within the school community) will…​

  • learn leadership tools that help peers reimagine their work, play, and interactions at school as opportunities to serve their values

  • discover how to adapt these tools creatively so they work in their contexts

Adult supporters (deans, counselors, administrators, club advisors, coaches, teachers, or anyone else willing to commit to supporting student empowerment) will…

  • participate in the training alongside the students, so everyone is learning together as part of one community

  • position themselves to provide ongoing support to student-leaders

  • learn tools to use in the context of their own work at school (whether in or beyond the classroom)

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