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Our Services


Professional Workshops

EMPOWER has applications in instructional design, social-emotional learning, peer-to-peer professional development, and anti-bias action. Our workshops include experiential, reflective, and generative work so participants are ready to implement what they learn.


Leadership Debriefs

Even the best workshops have very little impact when participants lack the willingness, skills, time, and support to implement what they learn. We can meet with your school's leadership team after any workshop to make sure you're equipped to continue the work we started.


Book Studies

Make one of our books your next faculty-wide read! We’ll create customized prompts and protocols to help your team learn more effectively, build community, and seamlessly connect this work to your school's existing priorities so it doesn't feel like "one more thing."


Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support as you implement EMPOWER in your school, modify it for use with your unique community, and create your own applications.


Design Consultations

Lauren and Jonathan are available to review curricular materials, classroom and professional learning programs, communication systems, and organizational policies.

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