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Beyond the Check-In: Integrating SEL into Remote Learning

For CLASSROOM TEACHERS in all subjects and grade levels, department chairs, and academic administrators

Attending to students’ social and emotional learning needs was always important, and now it’s even more so. Many teachers have been using check-ins to help students build community and to get a read on who might be struggling. Beyond using this important tool, how else can teachers support students’ social and emotional needs? During remote learning, it’s harder for students to (1) take care of themselves, (2) connect with each other, and (3) discover sources of meaning and vitality—so these need to be the focus of SEL right now. During this workshop, you will learn simple strategies that work both in person and online to address these SEL goals. Because time with students is more precious than ever, we’ll focus on strategies that use academic tasks—lessons, assignments, projects, and discussions—as opportunities for social-emotional learning. (75 minutes)

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