Create inclusive, participatory, cohesive professional development that leverages in-house expertise, affirms teachers’ values, and builds an authentic teaching community.

Designing In-House Professional Development

 For SCHOOL LEADERS such as principals, AP's, deans, department chairs, directors of curriculum and instruction, DEI directors, and technology directors

Teachers are the lifelong learners we say we want our students to be. Why not tap into that learning? In this experiential workshop, you’ll discover six structures for faculty professional development that affirm in-house expertise and values: the toolbox share, the exemplar study, the council, the bringback, the intervision group, and the workshop. We’ll learn protocols that will enable you to use these structures at your schools. We’ll also discuss ways to collect information about needs, interests, and skills so faculty and staff members can benefit from each other’s strengths. Along the way, we’ll explore how to address the vulnerability that peer-to-peer PD invokes.

Session 1: Structuring In-House PD. Practice a protocol that leverages in-house expertise for professional learning. Then, learn about other protocols that affirm and build upon teachers’ knowledge and values while creating an authentic learning community among educators.​ (2 hours)

Session 2: Implementing In-House PD. Learn ways to assess faculty expertise and learning goals, build cohesive professional learning units, and assess effectiveness. (1 hour)