Designing In-House Professional Development

Create a Culture of Curiosity and Growth

For SCHOOL LEADERS such as principals, AP's, deans, department chairs, and diversity coordinators

Schools are full of creative, committed, passionate people, each with our own funds of knowledge from our work and from our lives beyond school. Teachers are always thinking, designing, and discovering. We’re the kinds of lifelong learners we say we want our students to be. Why not tap into that learning—and create a culture of curiosity, growth, creativity, appreciation, and trust?

In this experiential workshop, you’ll learn how to use four structures for faculty professional development that affirm and make use of in-house expertise: the workshop, the council, the toolbox share, and the study group. We’ll experience protocols that will enable you to use these structures at your schools. We’ll also discuss ways to collect information about needs, interests, and skills so faculty and staff members can benefit from each other’s strengths. Finally, we’ll explore how to address the vulnerability peer-to-peer PD invokes. By the end of the workshop, you’ll know how to create a peer-to-peer professional development plan that integrates the four approaches.

Click here for a sample agenda.

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