Empowering Partnerships with Parents

Build trusting and collaborative relationships with parents that help the student make school more meaningful.

For CLASSROOM TEACHERS of all subjects and grade levels, as well as school leaders

Imagine what parents and teachers could learn from each other. Parents, as the people who usually have known the student longest and care about them most, have a wealth of information teachers could use to make students’ learning experiences more meaningful. Teachers, as experts on the academic content, learning processes, and age group, have a wealth of information parents could use to extend students’ learning experiences at home.

Unfortunately, parents and teachers don’t always see each other as partners in a student’s learning experience. They might feel too busy, embarrassed, or anxious to reach out, or they might reach out in a way that comes off as insensitive, arrogant, or even hostile. In this experiential and interactive workshop, teachers will learn strategies based on psychological science to approach parent communications with compassion and self-compassion, so that teachers and parents can build more collaborative relationships that ultimately empowers the student to make school personally meaningful.

Learner objectives for a 2-hour workshop:

  • Understand the psychology of parent-teacher communications

  • Connect authentically when parents reach out to us

  • Center the student’s values when we reach out to parents

  • Turn family conferences into a collaborative process that empowers students

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