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Whose SEL Is It Cover

When educators say social-emotional learning works, what is working to do? Whom is it working to serve? Does it affirm students’ identities and values or enforce their compliance?

Instead of organizing students’ external behaviors around whatever is comfortable and convenient for others, SEL can help students organize their own behaviors around what matters to them. This paper interrogates accepted purposes of SEL and proposes an approach that promotes meaning, vitality, and community for all students. Click the image to download your free copy!

Integrating SEL Cover

Attending to students’ social and emotional learning needs was always important, and it’s even more so during remote learning.

When students are learning remotely, it’s harder for them to (1) take care of themselves, (2) connect with each other, and (3) discover sources of meaning and vitality—so these need to be the focus of remote SEL. This free paper describes strategies that work both in person and online to address these SEL goals. Click the image to download your copy.

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