Use the tasks students already do—their assignments, projects, performances, and conversations—as opportunities for them to discover and do what matters.

Embedding Student Values into Academic Learning

For CLASSROOM TEACHERS of all academic subjects in grades 4-12, as well as department chairs and academic administrators

In this course, you’ll experience protocols that turn academic tasks—lessons, assignments, projects, and discussions—into opportunities for students to explore and enact their values. After learning each protocol by trying it ourselves, we’ll reflect on the process, see classroom examples, create materials we’ll need to use the protocol with our students, and get feedback from one another. Along the way, we’ll learn some of the psychological science behind how the protocols work, and how to design units that incorporate student values into every stage.

Session 1: What is Values Work? Explore what values are and how students can bring them to their everyday classroom or virtual interactions. (2 hours)

Session 2: Academic Learning as Values Work. Learn to structure lessons so that students can bring their values to their learning and relationships. (2 hours)

Session 3: Academic Projects as Values Work. Learn protocols that turn projects into opportunities for students to discover and do what matters to them. (2 hours)