Image by James Eades

Embodying Our Anti-Racist Values at School

 For ALL EDUCATORS including teachers, staff members, and administrators

This workshop, developed in collaboration with Taslim Tharani of Thriving Together, is designed to meet the needs of white educators who want to work against racism, although all are welcome.

You’re white, and you want to do more to be anti-racist. But what does “doing more” mean? You’ve heard that you need to “do your own work” and that anti-racism begins with yourself. But what exactly does that look like? This workshop will focus on how anti-racism is a value you can enact in your daily practice. Like all values-consistent action, anti-racism is sometimes difficult, uncomfortable, and even painful. We’ll use tools and strategies drawn from contextual behavioral science to help you develop your anti-racist values and accept the inevitable discomfort that comes along with living an anti-racist life.

Session 1: Understanding Anti-Racism As a Value. Explore what values are and how anti-racism can be a value we can enact in our day-to-day practice. This session will also establish working definitions of racism and anti-racism, as well as expectations to promote equity and safety during the course.​ (2 hours as part of the series or 3 hours as a standalone workshop)

Session 2: Undermining Our Racial Biases. Learn more about where racial bias comes from and how it manifests itself, and explore cognitive and pedagogical tools that help undermine unwanted biases and reduce their harmful impacts. (2 hours)

Session 3: Overcoming Our White Fragility. Discover some of the common ways white people respond when racism is pointed out. Learn tools to move past defensiveness and toward anti-racist action in these uncomfortable moments.​ (2 hours)

Session 4: Taking Action from Within a Racist System. Discover how racism is embedded within our institutions’ systems and structures. Expand our understanding of values, and learn how we can enact anti-racist values to begin dismantling racist systems.​ (2 hours)