Anti-Bias Values in Action
Put Equity, Belonging, and Liberation at the Center of School Practices

You’ve had conversations about diversity and inclusion, and you want to take your work further. But what does “taking your work further” mean? These workshops will focus on how equity, belonging, and liberation are values you can enact as an educator. Although the workshops themselves will involve self-reflection and discussion, they are designed to equip you with tools, protocols, and strategies to help you put your anti-bias values into action.

Values-Based Responding to Bias Incidents

Audience: all educators

After defining what a bias incident is and what it means to respond, we’ll discuss a three-part framework for responding to bias incidents in accordance with personal and community values:

  • Part 1: Self-Awareness. Engage in a protocol that helps us notice, name, and honor our own emotions after a bias incident so we can move towards the values that will guide our community response.

  • Part 2: Care. Discover a framework to guide us in creating a plan of care for the community in the short, medium, and long term after a bias incident occurs.

  • Part 3: Accountability. We will explore strategies fo having conversations with people who commit acts of bias so we can evoke values-based accountability.

(4 hours)