EMPOWER Forwards

Be the teacher who empowers students.

Be the leader who empowers teachers.

Be the school that truly belongs to everyone, and where everyone truly belongs.

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “voice and choice.” Give students (and teachers) a voice at school! Give them a choice in their learning! What’s not to love about voice and choice? It sounds so empowering. It even rhymes.

But just because students and teachers have a voice, doesn’t mean they contribute something meaningful, or that all voices are equitably heard and heeded. And when students and teachers have a choice, they sometimes choose to do whatever is easy, familiar, or comfortable—as opposed to what matters to them personally and in the community.

Don’t use practices and buzzwords that only sound empowering. Use processes that actively empower students and teachers.

Rooted in evidence-based psychological science, EMPOWER Forwards will show you how to:

  • Help teachers and students bring their values to their learning, work, and relationships

  • Structure classroom and professional environments to create a culture of equity, inclusion, and belonging

  • Connect with fellow practitioners who can serve as collaborators, allies, and co-conspirators in this work

Beyond voice and choice.

EMPOWER Forwards.